Find the right windshield wiper size for your car

How to replace windshield wiper?

After you found the right windshield wipers for you car at Car Wiper, ordered it and it arrived, you ask yourself the question of how exactly do I replace my windshield wiper myself?

The process of replacing your windshield wipers is simple and mostly take only few minutes, but you have to be aware for those safety rules:

  • Make sure the the engine of the car is off, and that the key of the vehicle is in your pocket and not in the switch, in order to prevent you or someone else from accidentally turning on the wipers while those are disassembled, which may leave you with an unpleasant scratch on the windshield.
  • Most of the windshield wipers packages indicates which side this wiper is for. It is important to pay attention to this in order not to damage the vehicle's wipers system.

Here is a simple video guide for replacing the windshield wiper:

And remember, in order to replace a car’s windshield wiper, you do not have to pay a lot of money or waste valuable time in the store. you can do it cheaply yourself!